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Resources For Your Small Business

Rich Schwartz 8 min read

Your Certified Public Accountant “CPA” is DEAD - Now What?

Wow, what a title to an article but here at Schwartz and Associates CPAs, we realize ...
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Rich Schwartz 10 min read

Choosing the Right CPA for Your Small Business: A Guide to Finding a Trustworthy Tax Professional

As Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), our mission here at Schwartz and Associates CPAs ...
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Rich Schwartz 8 min read

Common Payroll Challenges When Managing Out-of-State Employees

In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses have evolved to become more flexible ...
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Rich Schwartz 8 min read

Choosing the Right Payroll Solution for Your Small Business: When to Opt for Low-Cost Software or Platforms

Managing payroll can be a time-consuming and complex task for small business owners. ...
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Rich Schwartz 2 min read

Do not forget to report your gambling income and loss

It is important for me to remind all clients who engage in gambling activities to report ...
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Rich Schwartz 4 min read

Do not let your college kid’s earned income lower your tax refund

Every recent year I witnessed parents with kids who receive W2 losing important ...
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Ling Ji 4 min read

Why Should Small Business Owners Should Handle Their Workers’ Comp Audit Carefully

Almost every business gets audited by their insurance provider for workers’ compensation ...
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Ling Ji 5 min read

Alternative Ways for Small Business Owners To Verify Their Financial Information

As Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), we often receive requests from small business ...
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Franklin Cabrera 6 min read

Keeping Business Expenses Separate From Your Personal Expenses

There are many mistakes that business owners can make. This can come in the form of poor ...
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Ling Ji 7 min read

If You Are Behind With Your Federal and State Income Tax Return

IRS will shut down individual tax return e-filing starting 11/26/2022 As we move into the ...
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